Voodoo Vaudeville has had a residency at the acclaimed and successful Brighton venue, Komedia, since 1999 and provides a blend of theatre and cabaret in a club environment.

Each event is unique and tailored to a particular theme; including Cabaret Berlin! (german kabaret), Fantasmagoria (gothic fairy tales), Degeneration Game (twisted gameshow), Dr Spankenstein (a fetish farce), Tintin, 1920’s Show, Mardi Gras and The Betty Page Rampage.

These shows involve a big cast made up of volunteers, students and core Voodoo Vaudeville members. There is always an element of improvisation, a lot of audience participation and guest acts such as aerial acts, fire swingers, or speciality acts such as the Bees Knees, Voltini and Franksanazi.

An important ingredient of these shows are films made in collaboration with Junk TV, big dance numbers and Baby Warhol (puppet oracle). They are one-off extravaganzas that rely on people’s willingness to give their time for free and always end by turning into a party/dance night with a DJ.

DSC_0143Come dressed up, in costume or as you are…everyone is welcome at Voodoo Vaudeville!